The natural loss of elasticity of the skin and weakening of connective muscle layer disposed beneath it goes under the influence of gravity and age flaccid and sagging skin with the appearance of wrinkles especially in the temporal area, the sides of the face and neck.

For patients whose surgery is effective?Power is indicated when present typical signs of aging face. This change is a strictly individual and is usually in the range of 45-55 years. Satisfactory and long-term effect is achieved especially in patients with a thin face, which ideally assign an easily in the future. People with a good layer of subcutaneous fat and round shape, the net effect less favorable. Preferred are thick hair, which is lost in scarring. Especially in men with a tendency to alopecia is negatively visible scar Thin-sleep of the head.

he procedure is usually done under local anesthesia, less often, under general anesthesia, it takes about 2-3 hours. The cuts are located in the temporal area where ahead of the pinna around the earlobe towards for earlobes to the scalp.

After Surgery

Where used, the drainage was removed on the following day. The patient leaves with a bandaged head, are suitable dark glasses and a scarfThe nearest control is 5 days, when the stitches are removed before the pinna, the other stitches are selected on 10-12 postoperative day. It can then gently wash hair irritating, best baby shampoo.
Swelling and bruising, particularly in the region of the eyelids and the neck, is resorbed within 21 days. Make-up is recommended 3 weeks after surgery, hair dye after month. The final result of this intensive operations can be expected in 2-3 months.
The performance is suitable for several months to be complemented by the operation of the upper and lower eyelids thereby achieving rejuvenate the whole face.
It can be repeated in the course of life, it is not recommended before 5 years after the last operation.

What to do before the surgery?

The evening before the performance it is necessary to wash his head while on groomed hair not use any paint hardener, evening skin treatments to choose moisturizing, not greasy cream. On the day of the procedure, it is appropriate to come without make up.
No surgery is not without risk, no doctor can not guarantee the perfect success of the surgery, even if it is carried out according to the latest medical knowledge and respecting the prescribed procedures. Each body reacts individually to the administration of drugs, anesthetics, and the actual surgery. If one doctor performed the same procedure on two patients with the utmost precision and responsibility, not necessarily in both patients bring the same result. Let us always in the initial consultation to learn about the potential risks and intraoperative and postoperative complications. Responsible expert warns you alone.

Reconstruction of facial features


Surgical reconstruction of facial features improves appearance, emphasizes features and less developed parts of the face, making the face more attractive. It relies mainly on silicon implants applied in the area to chin and cheekbones.

Forehead and eyebrow lifting


A fairly spectacular procedure, indicated in patients developing deep forehead wrinkles and loose skin resulting in lower than desired brow position.

It is a local anesthesia procedure. An isolated brow lift can be performed in local anesthesia. The incision is made in the scalp behind the hairline. The skin above the lifted area is loosened, the mimic muscle interrupted (its long-term contractions generated wrinkles in the first place) and the excess skin in the scalp is removed. The wound is stitched, and sometimes drained, the whole head is bandaged.

After the procedure

The swelling is kept at minimum in a semi reclined sitting position. The drainage is removed the next day and patient can go home with the head still bandaged. Dark glasses and a headscarf are the recommended attire. The next control is due in several days, sutures are removed after 10-14 days.

It is often convenient in several months to supplement the procedure by eyelid surgery, a combination which would rejuvenate the upper third of the face.

What should the surgery be preceded with?

The evening before surgery wash your hair; do not use any other hair cosmetics such setting lotion or lacquer, for skin use hydrating, but not fatty cream. On the day of surgery not not use makeup.

There is no such thing as risk less surgery, no surgeon can guarantee perfect success of the surgery, even though it has been carried in accordance with the latest medical knowledge . The effect of drugs, anesthetics and of the surgery itself is specific for each human body. Performed on two patient in exactly the same manner and precision does not necessarily produce the same result. Consult possible risks, surgical and post-surgical complications during the introductory consultation. A conscientious surgeon would bring these up himself.