About us

Vlastibor Minarovjech MD. Vlastibor Minarovjech

MD. Minarovjech is the founder of a private clinic Estetic Clinic in Bratislava. It is one of the leading personalities of plastic surgery in Slovakia and clients from among the VIPs is the only evidence. Experience in leading European institutions in Stuttgart, Berlin and Vienna as well as many courses in laser technology and aesthetic surgery offering assurances that healthcare and operations provided in Estetic Clinic meet your expectations.


Top specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery with long-term international experience will attend to your health problems. An investment into one’s health and appearance has become symptomatic of our times, in which the success in life and work is inseparable from one’s image and boosts one’s self-confidence as well.

Our clinic wields the latest in technology and equipment,; we are leaders in liposuction in Slovakia. Complex services we offer to our clients, span from consulting and reach to the post-operational patient care.

Educational attainment: 

1994 – Atestácia II. Stupňa – plastická chirurgia

1988 – Atestácia I. Stupňa – všeobecná chirurgia

1985 – ukončenie štúdia na Lekárskej fakulte Univerzity Komenského v Bratislave


1998 – súčasnosť – primár Kliniky plastickej chirurgie FN Ružinov

1988 – primár v neštátnom zdravotníckom zariadení Inteklinik paralelne s funkciou sekundárneho lekára na Klinike plastickej chirurgie FN Bratislava

1988 – Sekundárny lekár všeobecnej chirurgie ,Milosrdní bratia Bratislava

Training, conferences, courses, certificates:

2015 – Munich, Secondyry Optimazing for Plastic Surgery

2014 – Brusseles, Contraversies, Art and Tecjnology in Brest and Bodycontouring Aesthetic Surgery

2013 – Leiden, Mentor professional education , The Science of Breast Implantats

2004 – Berlin, ISAPS Postgraduate Course, Proceedings in Aesthetic Surgery. Biggs, Olbrisch, Grissoti, Bruck

2001 – Paris, IMCAS 2001, International Master Course on Ageing Skin, Benjamin Ascher MD., David Goldberg MD.

1998 – Stuttgart, 6th Stuttgart Course of Functional-Aesthetic Nose Surgery, Priv. Doz. Dr. Gubisch

1997 – Madrid, Course of Training on the Procedure of Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty using Mentor Contour Genesis Ultrasound Assisted Surgery System. Michele L. Zocchi MD., PhD.

1996 – Bratislava, McGhan Augmentation Certificate. Dr. Mark Gittos

1996 – Prague, Blepharoplasty and Face Lift, Dr. Tvrdek

1992 – Stuttgart, Study stay, St. Mary Hospital – Plastic Surgery Priv. Doz. Dr. Dr. Wangerin

1991 – Aachen, 7th Anniversary of the German Society for Laser Medicine, Course of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery

1991 – Berlin, Certification of Suppositions according to the Accident Prevention Regulation “Laser Radiation (VBG 93)”, in order to Realise the Role of a Laser Protector, Prof. Berlien

1991 Berlin, Center of Laser Medicine – Participation of Laser in Medicine according to the Paragraph 6.3. Med GV

1991 – Prague, 2nd Central European Advanced Course on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

1990 – Vienna, Study Stay AKH (General Hospital) Vienna, Plastic Surgery, Prof. Dr. D. Millesi