The natural loss of elasticity of the skin and weakening of connective muscle layer disposed beneath it goes under the influence of gravity and age flaccid and sagging skin with the appearance of wrinkles especially in the temporal area, the sides of the face and neck.

For patients whose surgery is effective?Power is indicated when present typical signs of aging face. This change is a strictly individual and is usually in the range of 45-55 years. Satisfactory and long-term effect is achieved especially in patients with a thin face, which ideally assign an easily in the future. People with a good layer of subcutaneous fat and round shape, the net effect less favorable. Preferred are thick hair, which is lost in scarring. Especially in men with a tendency to alopecia is negatively visible scar Thin-sleep of the head.

he procedure is usually done under local anesthesia, less often, under general anesthesia, it takes about 2-3 hours. The cuts are located in the temporal area where ahead of the pinna around the earlobe towards for earlobes to the scalp.

After Surgery

Where used, the drainage was removed on the following day. The patient leaves with a bandaged head, are suitable dark glasses and a scarfThe nearest control is 5 days, when the stitches are removed before the pinna, the other stitches are selected on 10-12 postoperative day. It can then gently wash hair irritating, best baby shampoo.
Swelling and bruising, particularly in the region of the eyelids and the neck, is resorbed within 21 days. Make-up is recommended 3 weeks after surgery, hair dye after month. The final result of this intensive operations can be expected in 2-3 months.
The performance is suitable for several months to be complemented by the operation of the upper and lower eyelids thereby achieving rejuvenate the whole face.
It can be repeated in the course of life, it is not recommended before 5 years after the last operation.

What to do before the surgery?

The evening before the performance it is necessary to wash his head while on groomed hair not use any paint hardener, evening skin treatments to choose moisturizing, not greasy cream. On the day of the procedure, it is appropriate to come without make up.
No surgery is not without risk, no doctor can not guarantee the perfect success of the surgery, even if it is carried out according to the latest medical knowledge and respecting the prescribed procedures. Each body reacts individually to the administration of drugs, anesthetics, and the actual surgery. If one doctor performed the same procedure on two patients with the utmost precision and responsibility, not necessarily in both patients bring the same result. Let us always in the initial consultation to learn about the potential risks and intraoperative and postoperative complications. Responsible expert warns you alone.

Correction of wrinkles by Botox


Botulin toxin is a drug that is applied by injection and causes temporary weakness of a muscle caused by blocking the transmission of the nervous excitement on neuromuscular basis. It induces a transient paralysis of mimic muscles and reduces the appearance of forehead and neck creases and frown lines.

The results are temporary, the effect normally last 12 weeks to 5 months, by some patients. Application of botulin toxin is a physician-administered treatment that requires impeccable knowledge of anatomy.

It is a non-surgical procedure, the injected area is cleaned with disinfection without local anesthesia. By injecting appropriate doses into different areas of face and neck (most commonly on the forehead, area between eyebrows and around the eyelids and neck) the muscles responsive for wrinkle formation become temporarily paralyzed causing the relaxed effect. There can be some skin reddening in the injection area.

After the application

After the procedure are using make-up, massaging the injected area, physical exertion, alcohol usage not recommended. It is recommended to keep the face in vertical position at least 4 hours after the procedure.

There is no such thing as risk less procedure, no physician can guarantee perfect success of the procedure, even though it has been carried in accordance with the latest medical knowledge . The effect of drugs, anesthetics and of the procedure itself is specific for each human body. Performed on two patient in exactly the same manner and precision does not necessarily produce the same result. Consult possible risks, surgical and post-surgical complications during the introductory consultation. A conscientious physician would bring these up himself.

Eyelid surgery


Cosmetic Eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty is an option in cases of excess and unwanted skin and fat above the upper and lower eyelids, which may also be caused by sagging of the forehead and eyebrows which results in overhanging skin on the eyelids and restriction of your line of sight. Hundreds of thousands of men and women undergo blepharoplasty.

Patient Indication

Surgery is indicated for patients with excess skin tissue, over-developed orbicular muscle or excess fat which causes baggy eyelids. In many patients these conditions are combined. Frequent are feeling of heavy tired eyelids, typical puffiness and so called bags under the eyes.

Concomitantly, in older patient one often observes sagging eyebrows, which should be tackled first.

When is the surgery indicated?

Surgical reconstruction of eyelids is usually indicated at about 40 years of age, but in genetically predisposed persons it is not unusual to correct them already at 30, especially as the fat bags removal from lower lid is concerned. The procedure has a long-term effect, fat bags disappear permanently.

It is a local anesthesia procedure. The incision is led through the natural wrinkle line at upper eyelid and about 1-2 mm under the rim of lower eye, both reaching out several millimeters beyond the outer eye corner.

After the surgery

Immediately after the surgery cooling gels are applied to eyelids to mitigate the post-operative pain, swellings and bruising. Application of gels is meaningful during 24 hours after the surgery. Eyes should be washed several times a day by O-Septonex. The sutures are removed after 5-6 days.

Bruising can be hidden under dark glasses, it disappears within 2 weeks. Wait with the make-up for at least a week. Six to eight weeks after the surgery the scars are barely visible.

What should the surgery be preceded with?

The night before surgery do not use fatty eye cream. The patient is not supposed to carry make-up.

There is no such thing as risk less surgery, no surgeon can guarantee perfect success of the surgery, even though it has been carried in accordance with the latest medical knowledge . The effect of drugs, anesthetics and of the surgery itself is specific for each human body. Performed on two patient in exactly the same manner and precision does not necessarily produce the same result. Consult possible risks, surgical and post-surgical complications during the introductory consultation. A conscientious surgeon would bring these up himself.

Augmentation and re-forming of lips


Augmentation and re-forming of lips are often requested procedures of aesthetic surgery. Permanent or semipermanent filling have often been associated with high risk of side effects for the patient.

PermaLipTM is an injectable used solely for filling lips. It is made of soft, solid silicone elastomer. In implant, based on PermaLipTM underwent extensive clinical studies in order to asses its safety and efficiency. PermaLipTM is a patented product, certified by FDA and CE.

PermaLipTM has been designed and shaped to achieved the physiological shape of treated lips. Because of the unique manufacturing technology the filler is completely safe, does grown into the tissue and lips are after implantation perfectly functional. PermaLipTM is available in various sizes to meet the individual needs of clients who may wish anything from borderline enhancement up to fully sensuous lips.

Lip augmentation with PermaLipTM is a fairly straightforward procedure. It is performed in doctor’s office. After local anesthesia two little incisions are made in mouth corners. The PermaLipTM implant is pulled in he lip through the tunnel and centered. The procedures is repeated in the lower lip, the incisions are filled with absorbable suture. The entire procedure does not take more than 30 minutes.

The nice thing about this procedure is its reversibility. Even though the PermaLipTM implant has been designed as permanent, it can be removed and thus the original appearance of the patient restored. The implant removal take about 10 minutes.