Foreign terms you’ll see,  when you read our site

Abdominoplasty – a surgical technique to remove excess  sagging skin in the lower abdomen.
Implants – the surgical procedure, which is inserted into the breast breast implant
Botulinum toxin – was injected substance, which is intended to mimic the functions
the muscles of the face and neck, thereby mitigating and smoothing expression lines.
Facelift – Cosmetic treatment with facial rejuvenation to achieve the effect.
Liposuction – a surgical technique designed to improve the appearance of the body connected with exhaustion  fat
Labiaplasty – a surgical procedure aimed at rejuvenating the intimate to remove  the excess tissue by the labia minora
Lipofiling – a method that uses a patient’s own fat to remove wrinkles
Silicone implant – a multi-layered shell which contains a silicone gel, the shape  memory that is inserted into the surgical area of ​​the body
Carpal tunnel syndrome – a disease damaging hand, the most common disease Occupational people working on the computer